Embossed Vacuum Pouch BEGINNERS pack


If you use a domestic vacuum sealer at home, this combo pack provides a great selection of 2 different sizes at a great price!

It contains a total of 100 vacuum bags for all domestic type vacuum sealers, including Rialpack, Lacor, Foodsaver, Orved, Garhe, Vac Star, Taurus, Magic Vac etc:

  • 50, 200x300mm vacuum bags/pouches
  • 50, 170x250mm vacuum bags/pouches

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10,20 € VAT included

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Data sheet

Micraje o espesor:95-105
Peso en kg por paquete:0,75
Tabletop Chamber:No
Uso doméstico:
Unidades por paquete/ caja:100
Composición:Cara lisa 20 Poliamida 70 Polietileno. Cara rugosa 20 Poliamida, 80 Poliettileno
Medidas200x300 mm, 170x250 mm

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