Our vacuum pouch rolls for domestic vacuum sealers offer the convenience of cutting the size you need to make your own perfect food-grade cooking pouches on demand. These can be used with all domestic vacuum sealers, such as Foodsaver, Lacor, Garhe, Magic Vac, etc. The front side is flat and smooth and the back side is embossed. The rolls are 20 centimeters wide and 6 meters long.


Data sheet

Widht (mm.)
Micron / Thickness:
Weight in kg per package:
Tabletop Chamber:
Domestic use:
Units per package / box:
Cara lisa 20 Poliamida 70 Polietileno. Cara rugosa 20 Poliamida, 80 Poliettileno
Machine Model:
Para envasadora doméstica y envasadora tradicional
Metros por bobina:
6 metros
Temperatura de uso:
De -40/+40ºC Para todo tipo de conservación.De 41 to 70ºC con un máximo de2 hrs.De 71 to 100º C con un máximo de 15 min.

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